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Preservation of Traditional Music: Report of the Asia-Europe Training Programme

Published: 2003
Price: Free
Editor: Xiao Mei, Zhang Gang, Delfin Colome
Publisher: ASEF, Chinese Academy of Arts
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Pages/Weight: 250 pages / 614 g
Related project: Asia-Europe Training Programme On Preservation Of Traditional Music
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This collection of research papers is a post event publication of the Asia-Europe Training Programme on Preservation of Traditional Music held from 30th to 6th April, 2003 in Beijing, China. The volume is an effective resource for information on development and preservation of traditional music. It represents a positive dialogue between experts and musicians from different countries from Asia and Europe. The collection includes a dynamic and concrete protection plan based on the exchange of experiences, discussions held during the training programme. It has been divided into five parts; Situation, conception and methodology, National and regional experience, Archives and new technologies, education and media and legislature.

Readership: Academics, students, practitioners, researchers and policy makers interested in traditional music and culture.