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ENVforum Track II Series: Reducing Emission From Deforestation And Degradation (REDD) For Climate Change Mitigation And Biodiversity Conservation

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22 Oct 09 - 22 Oct 09 Asia-Europe Foundation Governance & Economy Department Asia-Europe Environment Forum (ENVforum) Sustainable Development



Climate change and biodiversity are interlinked. Biodiversity is threatened by irresponsible human activities and will be increasingly affected by the impact of climate change as some ecosystems and species are not able to adapt to the rising temperatures and changing climatic patterns across the globe. At the same time, the continuing degradation of ecosystems and loss of biodiversity also contribute to the intensification of climate change. One of the most prominent examples is deforestation, in which species are lost and stored carbons are released to the atmosphere.

Biodiversity degradation and climate change reinforce each other. It is therefore important to have an integrated approach to tackle the challenges they pose. One example is the REDD mechanism, which was the focus of this open discussion.


- Understanding how REDD is beneficial for climate change adaptation and mitigation efforts, as well as biodiversity conservation.

- Examining the link between REDD, biodiversity conservation, and climate change.

- Exploring the design of REDD mechanisms to achieve climate change mitigation and biodiversity conservation.