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Competing Crises: An Asia-Europe Response To The Economic Crisis And Its Impact On Climate Change

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06 May 09 - 06 May 09 Governance & Economy Department Regional Integration Series Sustainable Development

Budapest (Hungary)


The public panel aimed to propose and assess innovative responses and ideas to position Climate Change at the forefront of the global political agenda during the global recession. The idea of using the current economic crisis and the financial stimulus packages to subsidize new, more sustainable technologies will hopefully have a double impact: creating jobs and helping to stimulate economies while at the same time investing in climate-friendly “green” projects across sectors, thereby mitigating the effects of climate change and supporting the transition towards a low-carbon society.

The panel brought together four high level experts drawn from the economic, environmental and media sectors to share expertise across the two topics. Participants were encouraged to actively contribute in the discussion, which allowed the local and international audience the opportunity to raise questions and concerns to the experts on the many facets of this pivotal issue.


The panel opened dialogue on inventive solutions to synergise economic stimulation and environmental initiatives, such as a “Global New Green Deal”. It also helped to spur dialogue between Asian and European experts to evaluate whether a dual response to the two crises can alleviate the short, medium and long term social impacts. The event also addressed the question of realistically combining the financial incentives needed to boost the economy, while ensuring investments in key green technologies.


  • Regional Environmental Center