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Young Festival Managers learn to dream big

Asia-Europe Festivals Exchange Programme: Atelier For Young Festival Managers


Developing unique creative visions for arts festivals is what’s needed by today’s festival organisers in a globalised world. That’s what the Atelier for Young Festival Managers will achieve.

This Atelier is the first of its kind in Asia. Taking place in Singapore (14-21 May 2011) during the Singapore Arts Festival, it will train the next generation of festival directors. They will learn to produce relevant and engaging arts events.

The Mentors

Over 40 festival professionals from all over the world will attend this Atelier. The week-long programme comprises a series of lectures and workshops at the LaSalle College of the Arts. During the sessions participants will learn from established mentors who will share their experiences with their younger peers.

Former Singapore Arts Festival director Goh Ching Lee is among the mentors at the Atelier. Others include internationally acclaimed festival experts such as Grace Lang, director of the Hong Kong Arts Festival programme, and Gerard Mortier, former Director of the Paris Opera.

The organisers

The Atelier is coordinated by Belgian arts consultant Hugo de Greef. It is co-organised by the European Festivals Association, the Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF) and the LaSalle College of the Arts.