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Dialogue on Arts, Culture & Climate Change

Project Period: Contact: Department: Programme: Theme:
09 Oct 08 - 12 Oct 08 Culture Department Connect2Culture Culture
Sustainable Development

Beijing (China)


Participants at the dialogue investigated the role of culture and the arts in helping Asia and Europe deal with climate change issues. The focus was on raising awareness about climate change and sustainable living in cultural and arts communities in Asia and Europe, by inviting artists, scientists, and other climate change thinkers to share their perspectives. Further, it explored creative ways to bring environmental messages across to the general public, leading to joint approaches and collaborations for future climate change actions. The project gathered 43 Asian and European artists, designers, architects, cultural practitioners, environmentalists, and scientists, who participated in a three-day workshop. A spin-off event was held in Copenhagen in December 2009 alongside the Climate Change Summit.


  • Climate change is an abstract concept. How do we translate factual information on climate change into actual, emotional experiences?
  • How can the arts and culture offer ways to understand this new reality?


  • China Central Academy of Fine Arts
  • The Danish Cultural Institute 丹麦文化中心


  • Cultura21
  • Osterreichisches Kulturforum
  • Research Centre for Sustainable Development - Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
Funded by the European Union