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Independent Creative Art Spaces Leadership Training: Independent Cultural Centres

Project Period: Contact: Department: Programme: Theme:
09 Dec 07 - 15 Dec 07 Asia-Europe Foundation Culture Department Artists' Network Culture

Paris (France)


In the past two decades, arts and cultural centres have sprung up all over Asia and Europe. These places are created and managed by people who come from different backgrounds and, in many cases, have not received formal arts management training. However, their centres are often leading cultural organisations that exercise a great deal of influence in the local context.

To address this issue, a five-day intensive workshop was organised for 21 artists and managers from 19 ASEM member countries. The workshop focused on exploring the role and importance of artists and managers in a multi-disciplinary independent creative art space.

Participants also attended interactive sessions that examined the different aspects of managing an art space, including the following:

- Challenges (in planning, human, resources, budgeting, fundraising, and communication)

- Community involvement

- Audience development

The training empowered the participants as leaders in their field and created a basis and opportunity for long-term exchanges and co-operation. An online publication was later released to share the experience with artists and managers of independent creative spaces in Asia and Europe.


Ms. Audrey Wong, Singapore

Mr. Howard Chan, Hong Kong SAR

Ms. Birgitta Person, Sweden

Ms. Camille Dumas, France

Mr. Paul Bogen, UK

Ms. Sigrid Niemer, Germany

Mr. Raoul Grunstein, Finland

Ms. Annette Wolfsberger, Austria

Mr. Tay Tong, Singapore

Mr. Guy-Andre Lagesse, France


Artfactories, France

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