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3rd Talks On The Hill

A Spotlight On Television: Dimensions Of Media Influence On Public Opinion And Foreign Policy In Asia And Europe

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25 Jul 04 - 27 Jul 04 Asia-Europe Foundation Governance & Economy Department Talks on the Hill Culture


"I had a very interesting time listening to the various experiences across both continents. Much of the research and academic literature available to me is from the USA and the UK so this gave me a much broader view of how television is experienced in countries and regions outside the two countries that dominate the global 'mediasphere.'" - David Celdran, Director for Current Affairs and Channel Operations, ANC, Philippines.


This event, organised under the Cultures And Civilisations Dialogue Programme, saw the participation of 14 prominent and distinguished individuals either directly involved in the workings of the mass media or engaged in studying its behaviour and impact. The intimate, closed-door format of the meeting proved conducive for an intense and open debate on pertinent and sensitive issues regarding the role television plays in modern society.


- The media's portrayal of events and people in culturally distinct countries

- Influence and pressure exerted on media reporting by governments, lobby groups, advertisers, investors, and other actors

- The "CNN Effect" i.e. the television medium's impact on foreign policy and public opinion

- The growth of media federations, institutes, and other self-regulating groups