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4th Asia-Europe TV Documentary Series: Belgium And The Philippines

Project Period: Contact: Department: Programme: Theme:
01 Dec 03 - 30 Dec 03 Asia-Europe Foundation Communications Department Asia-Europe TV Documentary Programme Culture



Produced and aired in Belgium and the Philippines, the 4th Asia-Europe TV Documentary Series showcased the journey of the Belgian team who travelled to Manila and Cebu to draw six interesting profiles of Belgians who had temporarily or permanently settled down in these cities. The subjects related their own stories of entrepreneurship, religion, family life, and what they loved about living in the Philippines.

The Philippine team was led by award-winning writer-producer Howie Severino to follow a group of Belgian choirboys to Aalst, Belgium after the boys' performance in Manila two months before. They also investigated a mysterious Filipino historical figure known as "Little Bad Boy," who led a colourful life far from home in Paris.