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ASEF Cultural Grants 2003: Asia-Europe Scriptlab

Project Period: Contact: Department: Programme: Theme:
22 Aug 03 - 24 Aug 03 Asia-Europe Foundation Culture Department Cinema Culture

Manila (The Philippines)

"What took place was a process similar to scriptwriting workshops where synopses and concepts are open for discussions and suggestions. What really worked in this activity is that participants got to know each other, sharing experiences and views about the film industry in their own locality and asking each other's opinions based on previous discussions.” - Amable Tikoy Aguiluz, Festival Director, Cinemanila.


This project gathered nine young filmmakers and scriptwriters from Asia and Europe to develop screenplays that portrayed the Asian-European experience and learn how to pitch these screenplays to funding agencies for realisation.

The filmmakers who attended the event were:

- John Jackson, UK

- Sonja Servomaa, Finland

- Massimo D'Orzi, Italy

- Rayya Makarim, Indonesia

- James Lee, Malaysia

- Rey Ventura, Japan

- Aditya Assarat, Thailand

- Irene Suico Soriano, Philippines

- Ianco de la Cruz, Philippines

They attended lectures, workshops, and discussions led by well-known scriptwriters and directors, namely:

- U-Wei BinHaji Saari, Malaysia

- Prabda Yoon, Thailand

- Petr Zelenka, Czech Republic