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ASEF Youth Partnerships 2007: Seminar On Vocational Training Related To Restoration Of The Cultural Heritage And The Environment

Project Period: Contact: Department: Programme: Theme:
14 Jun 07 - 15 Jun 07 Asia-Europe Foundation Education Department ASEF Youth Partnerships Culture
Sustainable Development

Madrid (Spain)


The ASEF Youth Partnerships seminar gathered 46 experts involved in work with youth, cultural heritage, and environmental preservation from 25 ASEM member countries.

The partners at the seminar expressed interest in incorporating the experience of the Training Workshops into the framework of the EU-ASEM meetings for dialogue, in the field of employment and social and cultural affairs, taking into particular consideration the goal of eradicating poverty in Asia. They suggested that this initiative would encourage the mobilisation of governmental bodies and civil society.


- Developing a co-ordinated action involving the various projects that are currently in progress or that might be established

- The challenges of promoting employment, restoring national heritage, and protecting the environment


  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Spain
  • Ministry of Employment and Social Security, Spain