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ASEF culture360 media partner of the Green Art Lab Alliance (GALA)

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Tramway, Glasgow, United Kingdom

The Green Art Lab Alliance (GALA) brings together 19 artistic and cultural partners from across Europe to explore the concept of sustainability in practical, ethical and artistic ways. Co-financed by the EU Culture programme 2007-2013, the GALA network has developed in 2 years (April 2013-May 2015) a number of activities aimed at exploring what environmental sustainability means for the visual arts and design and what the arts can do to promote sustainability. Together with designers, artists and scientists, the GALA partners investigated the challenges and opportunities that environmental sustainability implies for artists and art institutions.

Next to the GALA partners organising events, the project also includes three media partners, ASEF culture360,Trans Europe Halles and Imagine2020. The media partners are in place to share the outcomes and results from the project activities to their networks and members, by way of their media channels and platforms. They are chosen strategically as they are networks that are experienced in environmental sustainability and the arts. 

As part of the media partnership, ASEF culture360 will participate in the final general meeting organised by the network in Glasgow, United Kingdom on 12-14 March 2015. All 19 partner organisations including the three media partners of the project will gather in Glasgow to share the results of the 2 years collaboration and discuss the way ahead for the GALA network.

Hosted by Creative Carbon Scotland in Glasgow, the GALA meeting will also present the Glasgow’s Green: Imagining a Sustainable City on 14 March. Organised by Creative Carbon Scotland and Glasgow Arts at Tramway, the programme will be open to the public and will include several free artist-led workshops and activities exploring how the arts can contribute to a more environmental sustainability city. Workshop themes will include food, textiles, urban ecologies, public space, architecture, circular economy and manufacturing.

For more information about GALA and the Glasgow meeting: