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ASEF supports the network for culture and creative hub managers

ASEF Creative Networks Second Edition (2014-15)

Selected through ASEF Creative Networks 2nd edition, Culture and Creative Hub Net is a new network of Cultural and Creative Hubs managers between Asia and Europe. The project aims to identify, engage and understand the needs of creative and cultural hubs as well as to provide the necessary conditions for long-term network sustainability.

The kick-start meeting of the network is organised in Brussels, Belgium on 25 November 2015. The meeting will bring together 14 representatives of Cultural and Creative Hub Managers from Asia and Europe to network and discuss opportunities to develop a long-term collaboration between hub managers from both regions.

Project partners include ADDICT – Creative Industries Agency Portugal (Portugal), ECBN – European Creative Business Network (The Netherlands) and CI-USJ – Faculty of Creative Industries, University of Saint Joseph (China)