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Cultural network leaders to meet in Singapore

ASEF Creative Networks Second Edition (2014-15)

A group of cultural leaders from Asia and Europe will meet 28-31 August 2015 at LaSalle College of the Arts in Singapore.

The THRIVE Networking Culture Leaders meeting will addressthe leadership and effectiveness of international culture networks, which play an important role in cultural cooperation.

The project has two key components – a workshop in Singapore and a research report.  The 4-day workshop in Singapore will bring together cultural leaders like Sarah GARDNER, Executive Director of IFFACA, Carla DELFOS, Executive Director of the European League of Institute of the Arts, Shahidul ALAM, Managing Director, Drik, and Anna STEINKAMP, Coordinator, U40 Group to identify the current challenges of leadership in cultural networks in Asia and Europe.

The topics to be discussed include good practices in governance and leadership, funding sources, alliance building and future relevance of cultural networks.

THRIVE is supported by ASEF Creative Networks and organised by the International Federation of Arts Councils and Culture Agencies - IFACCA (Australia), Arts Network Asia (Singapore), and the European League of Institute of the Arts (The Netherlands) with the support of LaSalle College of the Arts (Singapore) and the National Arts Council (Singapore).