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The sky’s the limit – ASEF at the Kite Festival Singapore 2011

Published on 05 Sep 2011

ASEF Kite groupBoth in Asia and in Europe, the kite is a symbol of grace, diversity and scientific achievements. Flying it often brings together families, friends and colleagues. In this spirit, ASEF staff members from Asia and Europe took part in the NTUC Income Kite Festival Singapore 2011 on 4 September. We had a lot of fun and experienced exciting teamwork.

Our ASEF team flew a large kite with a 16-metre long tail carrying the four colours of the ASEF logo. We were thrilled to see our kite fly amid Singapore skyscrapers by the Marina Bay. Many people came to ask about ASEF as they were curious when they saw our kite. Thus we had an opportunity to reach out to members of the general public and to explain what ASEF was about. A side benefit was bonding among ASEF staff.

The annual Kite Festival in Singapore attracts an estimated 80,000 people. This year, international participants flew traditional and modern kites. Kite-making experts from countries such as Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia were also present.  They showcased their traditional flying techniques as well as shared on how to make such kites. 


ASEF kite ASEF kite ASEF Kite ASEF Kite ASEF Kite ASEF Kite ASEF Kite

See all the photos from our participation at the Kite Festival Singapore 2011 on our Flickr page.